Trender 2012/2013

På senaste mässan fanns Lotta Ahlvar, VD på Svenska Moderådet på plats för prata trender 2012-2013, ett samarbete tillsammns med Formex. Här är en sammanfattning som du har möjlighet att skriva ut.


Organic shapes in natural, unprocessed versions focusing on what nature has to offer, is the base of this theme. We favour materials like linen, hemp and raw, stripped woods that age naturally and gracefully over time. Ecology and pleasant visions of a greener world is driven to extremes and we go organic in all forms.
Linen and its beautiful blue flax blossom emerges, swaying exquisitely in the wind in enormous fields, is becoming a very popular textile due to its many areas of use.
Flax also produces a seed which provides superb, cold-pressed oil. It has evolved from a starched tablecloth in grandma’s linen cabinet to a gently flowing interior cloth. And given its good environmental impact, linen is at a premium when cotton is rejected not only from an ecological perspective, but also because it is so expensive.

A theme packed with retro tones which literally scream nostalgia, colours like brown, orange, yellow and purple in recurring combinations inspire again the fashion scene, preferably in glossy satin fabrics or corduroy. As do commonplace glass containers and old logotypes, both relevant forms of inspiration.
The decade is contradictory to say the least. Both boisterous interiors that encourage parties and clubbing – disco balls and stroboscopes – and amber corduroy sofas, white wall-to-wall carpeting, loads of gold and brass details. Voila!

Sheepish or meek as a lamb? This season’s favourite material is soft wool in all forms. Knit, crocheted, or tangled makes no difference but domestic production is a status label. The return to small-scale food producers kicked off with the dairy farm’s
traditional cheese production. As a result, we can now boast a number of first-rate cheeses made according to the old handicraft guidelines. The silent revolution of the
small-scale food entrepreneur has sparked new, exciting businesses.
Soon every corner will be fermenting with new sourdough bakeries or micro breweries. Germany, Italy and France have a “genuine” sausage tradition that has inspired sausage making in our own kitchens to such a degree that the price of sausage casings has risen a lot. Qualitative alternatives to large-scale production are advancing and are embraced by consumers but also as an alternative lifestyle. Thrown over the edge
of the sofa, the sheepskin is a given source of warmth and decoration.



This theme flirts freely with avant-garde art scenes. Interesting artistic ambitions are headed for the world of trends, increasingly obliterating the limit for what is design and what is art.
Architectonically harsh styles pair with supple organic shapes and the chocking 80´s colours contrast with the shiny metal of the 90´s. Black underscores both avant-garde and underground. Still, thirty years on, it is the most important colour for practitioners of both fine arts and sub cultures. The theme is accentuated by coal-black leather in both fashion and interior design. Black records are cult, as are many of the immortal geniuses behind both rock and punk. Rasping tones lead the way and fringes, leather and icons like Patty Smith are what get us going.

Om Formex

Formex - the largest meeting place for Nordic interior design, details and gifts. Formex started in 1960 and is held twice a year, in the beginning of January and in the end of August. We have more than 800 exhibitors per fair with products within interior design, fashion and accessories etc. The fair brings together national and international buyers, agents, designers, producers and media from all over the interior design and gifts industry. Each fair we have over 23,000 visitors and about 800 media representatives. Besides the opportunity to do business, the fair gives visitors information about trends, inspiration and knowledge in the form of exhibitions and lectures.
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